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About Us

We’ve probably all heard of the story of Jonas and the Whale. Like Jonas, our founder was reluctant to become an apostle. Previous to Three Virtues Organization, Inc. Alpha Fleurimond was part of another nonprofit organization. He stayed there until it closed in 2011. Although he no longer worked in the nonprofit sector, people from the community sought out Alpha’s advice and assistance.

Alpha had other goals for himself and his family, to open his own business. When community members sought his assistance he referred them to other organizations and services. He confided in his wife, and cofounder, Glardia, “I’m not doing it.” He felt that continuing to work in another nonprofit would lead him to continually beg people for money. His wife encouraged him to pray for guidance. Although he resisted pursuing work involved with a nonprofit, he felt the calling. Guidance came to him through a community leader who scolded him for his resistance and through community members who encouraged him to open his own nonprofit to continue serving his community. Throughout the process of opening his own business, he continued to get the same message. Glarida insisted that God was calling Alpha to service.

Finally, he established the Three Virtues Organization, Inc in October of 2012. Their early years as co-founders of the nonprofit and new business owners came with its challenges. However, they have successfully developed programming that supports the community’s most urgent needs. These include a Summer Camp program, After School program, Social Services, and a Food Pantry. Glarida explained, “God always finds a way, to get food, to get the camp”. Through God’s grace Alpha is fulfilling his calling, working diligently to maintain the nonprofit, and is no longer a reluctant apostle.

Board of Directors


Treasures – RON JOHNSON         Secretary – MARIA SANTOS

Change Officer – BILL DUQUETTE

Adopt a Camper

Our kids are awesome!  We know that our families struggle to afford the basics, and sending their child(ren) to camp isn’t an option. We are committed to providing a camp opportunity regardless of a family’s ability to pay. We provide social, emotional, and physical enrichment via engaging programming, field trips, and cultural encounters.

We need your help to make this program a reality for 50 children that live and play in your community! For 25.00 a month, you will be able to send one child to camp for an entire 8-week summer program.

Sponsor a Distribution

This is an opportunity for you, your employer, a group of friends, or any other corporate entity to make a small donation that will have a huge impact!

A one-time donation of $2,100.00 will provide enough food items to feed 100 families for one of our monthly food distributions.

Become a Volunteer

Looking for a creative outlet for all those talents that aren’t being used?  Let’s create a custom volunteer opportunity that will allow you to shine and help us become a bigger and better organization.  Contact us at 786-610-9855

Our Mission

The Three Virtues Organization is committed to help and improve minority families through self-empowerment, education, and advocacy.

Our programming has been developed based on our communities’ needs and to achieve the goals in our mission. In order to better service our clients, we provided services in Creole, English, and Spanish. Our programming includes an After school and Summer Camp, which allows us to start helping families beginning in early childhood and focusing on their educational needs. The Food Pantry was opened to help the most vulnerable in our community. Without proper nutrition, children and families can not prosper. Healthy bodies are needed for healthy minds, and to be productive. Finally, we have a social services component that is ready to help during unforeseeable and emergent needs.